October 6, 2018

3km head race open to all youth sculling teams

For more information contact Rachel Hock: rachelehock@gmail.com


Grow youth sculling 

Lowest cost entry fees to competitors

Run events on-time

Support the City of Miamisburg


Quads - $20.00

Doubles - $10.00

Singles - $5.00


6:30 am - Trailers arrive

9:00 am - Men's Youth 4x

9:05am - Men's Youth Novice 1x

9:10am - Women's Novice 2x

10:45 am - Women's Youth 4x

10:50am - Men's Youth Novice 2x

10:55am - Women's Youth Novice 1x

12:30 pm -Women's Youth 1x

12:35pm - Men's Youth 2x

12:40pm - Men's Youth Novice 4x

2:15pm - Women's Novice 4x

2:20pm - Men's Youth 1x

2:25pm - Women's Youth 2x