No rowing experience necessary. We can teach you to row.

For adults and masters rowers that want to learn how to row or improve some aspect of their rowing (technique, rigging, pacing strategy or training). We work to help each student understand how to create fitness and performance progress. 

Individually training plans available. We can run a doubles matrix to give a performance ranking for up to eight rowers. For more information contact

Cost includes coaching or coaching and equipment usage. (food and travel not included).
No refunds. No discounts for lacking attendance. Payment made by cash or check only. The cost to repair damage sustained to rental equipment will be the responsibility of the rentee.

What the Student Should Wear / Bring:
• athletic clothes that don't impede movement (not too baggy)
• socks
• slip-on or flip-flop sandals (outdoor)
• gym shoes that can get dirty
• sunscreen (outdoor)
• sunglasses (outdoor)
• water bottle covered with sock (sock protects boats from wear)
• no dangling jewelry
• long hair tied back
• nails clipped short
** wearing a shirt is required at all times **