U14 (ages 9-13)

No rowing experience necessary. We can teach you to row. Students new to rowing will go through an introductory course that teaches rowing terminology, balance skills, technique, how to handle equipment and water safety in a team environment.

Gem City Crew is committed to creating a youth rowing culture that prioritizes the health and well-being of young students – enhancing their enjoyment, participation, and development in the sport. For students under the age of 14 we promote sport sampling, trying a variety of sports, which provides students the opportunity to find a sport that fits them best. Our low training time reflects our commitment to supporting all other academic, artistic and athletic pursuits of our students. 

If you can ride a bike, we can teach you to row. Our age-appropriate, coach-guided curriculum focuses on skill development and overall physical literacy instead of focusing on competitive events. We aim to build each child’s confidence and progress at their pace. Our student-to-coach ratio is kept intentionally small to ensure that each participant gets the attention they deserve early in the learning process.


Cost includes coaching and equipment usage (food, travel and lodging not included).
No refunds. No discounts for lacking attendance.


What the Student Should Wear / Bring:
• athletic clothes that don't impede movement (not too baggy)
• change of clothes* (outdoor)
• socks
• slip-on or flip-flop sandals (outdoor)
• gym shoes that can get dirty
• sunscreen (outdoor)
• sunglasses (outdoor)
• water bottle covered with sock (sock protects boats from wear)
• no dangling jewelry
• long hair tied back
• nails clipped short
** wearing a shirt is required at all times **

*Outdoor rowing: Your son or daughter will be getting wet. Please make sure your child is prepared to be wet and has dry clothes to change in to, if desired. We will review appropriate rowing attire with the students.