We believe in responsible athlete development that creates a lasting foundation for success. The coach-athlete relationship is built on the athlete’s trust in the coach and the coach’s care for the athlete. Learning to row well is challenging, so we want every step along the path of improvement to be met with encouragement. We support continued education and competitive compensation to maintain the highest quality coaching staff. All of our coaches and instructors have four or more years of rowing experience, passed a state and national background screening, and are educated/trained/certified in the following: Gem City Crew Policies; Safesport Training; Adult, Child, and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED; NFHS Concussion in Sports (Ohio)

Additional coaching education, training and certification is encouraged and supported. The majority of our coaches have completed the following additional education, training, and/or certification: USRowing level 1, 2, 3 and advanced coaching education; US Boating Safety and Clean Water; NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching

Our annual coaching staff has over 34 years of combined youth and U23 coaching experience and over 47 years of experience in the sport of rowing.



Rachel started her rowing career in 2006 while in middle school. She rowed for the University of Dayton where she earned a Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Rachel has coached youth rowing since 2009.

Rachel is a USRowing Level 2 certified coach.

Rachel lives in Dayton.


Elizabeth McNutt

Elizabeth started her rowing career in 2000 as a youth rower. She rowed at Miami University (Ohio) while attending undergrad from 2004-2008 and earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Dayton School of Law. Elizabeth has coached youth learn-to-row during the summer since 2005 and has been a full time youth coach since 2008.
Elizabeth lives in Dayton with her husband Tyler, son Cillian, and two dogs Toby and Dieter.


Alex Walters

Alex began his rowing career at the University of Cincinnati where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design.

Following graduation, Alex began his rowing career in 2006 with the University of Cincinnati as Novice Coach. In 2009 he joined the Greater Dayton youth rowing program as Assistant Coach. In 2010 he was selected as the Head Coach of the Greater Dayton youth rowing program. Under his direction, Greater Dayton annually advanced boats to the USRowing Youth National Championships, with a record five boats competing at the 2014 USRowing Youth National Championships. In 2015 he joined Gem City Crew, the region’s first youth-only rowing program. Among his alumni are rowers that were awarded Division I athletic scholarships and have continued to be successful at the University level and beyond.

Alex is a USRowing Level III certified coach.

Alex lives in Dayton with his wife Rebecca, daughters Eloise and Nora, and two dogs Amos and Gideon.

A special thanks to past and present coaches that have contributed to Gem City Crew:

Sarah Storm

Jenna Beavon

Ashley Erich

Craig Oldiges