Equipment & attire

All major equipment is provided by the team for student/athlete use including:
• rowing shells (boats)
• oars
• ergometers
• GPS devices


What the Student Should Wear / Bring - REQUIRED:
• water bottle covered with sock (sock protects boats from wear)
• athletic clothes that don't impede movement (t-shirt and shorts or spandex shorts)
          athletic clothes can not be too long/baggy (can get caught in wheels of sliding seat)
          cold temperatures (under 55 degrees): wear long sleeves and dress in layers
          wet weather: wear waterproof/breathable outer layer
• socks (socked feet prevent the spread of athlete's feet)
• sandals (slip-ons or flip-flops are best) (outdoor only)
• gym shoes
• long hair tied back
• no dangling jewelry
• nails clipped short
• notebook + pen (U15/U19/U23 only)
          recommended: Rite in the Rain - Soft Cover - Memo Book (No.754) + Pen (No.97)


What the Student Should Wear / Bring - RECOMMENDED/OPTIONAL:
• sunscreen (outdoor only)
• sunglasses (outdoor only)
• towel* (outdoor only)
• change of clothes* (outdoor only)


*Outdoor rowing: Your son or daughter will be getting wet. Please make sure your child is prepared to be wet and has dry clothes to change in to, if desired.