Rowing is a low-impact power-endurance sport that uses all major muscle groups of the body. 


Our Mission

To develop confidence and competence of Dayton area youth and U23 through achievement in rowing.



From novice beginners to national champions we focus on preparing each individual to VIE for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in all that they do. All work accumulates into ability. Rowing achievement is the responsibility of the instruction provided by the coaching staff, the commitment exercised by every individual rower and the support given by all our families. The team does not define each individual; each individual defines our team. The rowers are the apex of our organization; the families and coaches are the foundation that edify and encourage our most valuable assets - our rowers.



Rowing is our subject matter; Learning and teaching are an iterative process of dialogue and action between athlete and coach. Making boats faster is a rower’s primary skill set. We teach our athletes to understand and control:
• Balance, posture, and mobility of the body
• Vertical, lateral, and longitudinal motions of the racing shell

We emphasize learning through sculling (rowing with 2 oars) because it is a symmetrical movement, which is ideal for our growing youth athletes. We concentrate on “small boats” (singles: 1-person boats and doubles: 2-person boats) that better individualize the learning environment. Singles give us the ability to directly compare individuals rather than inferring from group results. Most importantly, sculling boats are filled with only rowers so every team member fulfills an equal role.

Each athlete is accountable for his or her progress by measuring and recording daily performance. Athletic and performance data is collected daily. Coaching decisions and selection are based on the performance data and are not up for debate.